Girona & surrounding area


SANTA CLOTILDE GARDENS (LLoret de Mar): Red Keep gardens.

House of the Dragon turned the landscape of Santa Clotilde Gardens into the lush gardens at the Red Keep.

Santa Clotilde Gardens draw inspiration from the Renaissance style and are located in Lloret de Mar, a Mediterranean coastal town 42 kilometres south from Girona (where you’ll find many GOT locations). What a better place to decide the future of Westeros than among thousands of exotic trees and plants?

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And so do King Viserys, Princess Rhaenys Targaryen and her husband Lord Corlys in the second episode of the show. They talk about a possible marriage between Viserys and the couple’s daughter Laena to unite their power.

We have no doubt that your visit to Santa Clotilde Gardens will be much more pleasant and peaceful than the awkward promenade Viserys and little Laena are forced to endure together to see if they are…. well… compatible for marriage. Sometimes, not living in Westeros has its advantages.

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