Córdoba & surrounding area
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ROMAN BRIDGE OF CÓRDOBA: The Long Bridge of Volantis.

The Roman bridge of Córdaba, and its 247 metres long, served as inspiration to digitally build the Long Bridge of Volantis, one of the free cities in Essos.

The Roman bridge is a landmark for the city of Córdoba and it was originally build in the 1st century BC. However, nowadays its main structure was constructed in the Middle Ages.

CASTLE OF ALMODÓVAR DEL RÍO: Highgarden and Casterly Rock dungeons.

In season seven, the Lannister army led by Jamie arrives at Highgarden to attack House Tyrell fortress. With the Tarly support, the Lannisters deploy their troops in front of the Tyrell castle.

The Castle of Almodóvar del Río was the chosen fortress to recreate the house of one of the most powerful families of Westeros. The castle is 24 kilometres away from Córdoba city.    

Castillo de Almodóvar del Río

The attack is so unexpected that Olenna Tyrell has nothing to do but to watch from one of her balconies how the enemy troops prepare to attack her. In the following scene (with the battle already won) Jamie enters the fortress and walks up to the Homenage Tower where Olenna is patiently waiting.

It is now when one of the most memorable conversations in the show occurs. Not only because it will end with Olena’s death (and the end of House Tyrell), but also because before dying she enunciates the iconic phrase Tell Cersei. I want her to know it was me”. This is her way of confessing to have killed Joffrey Lannister a few seasons back.

Almodóvar del Río Castle appears once agin in another sequence of this episode. Its dungeons were used to simulate the secret passages of Casterly Rock, used by Grey Warm as a secret entrance to claim the Lannister fortress.

Nowadays, the castle offers guided tours and a exposition with the costumes of the characters that filmed their scenes inside its walls. Click here and we’ll take you to Highgarden Castle!