Castellón & surrounding area


PEÑISCOLA (Castellón): The Free City of Meereen.

Peñíscola, a coastal city one hour away driving to the north from Castellón de la Plana, was for a few days turned into the free city of Meereen. Peñíscola is included in the list of ‘the most beautiful small towns of Spain’. Down its cobbled streets walked Tyrion and Varys discussing politics and Daenerys’ reputation.

This particular walk starts at Calle Mayor o Rampa de Felipe II, a prominent slope which skirts around the Roman wall of the town.

Peñíscola Rampa
Calle Mayor
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Later on, these two characters stop at Portal Fosc to pay attention to the speech that is taken place in this portal. This portal was one of the old accesses to the town centre. It was built by Felipe II of Spain in the 16th century. (In order to arrive at this spot, you will have to walk up the slope of Calle Mayor and not walk it down as Tyrion and Varys do.)

Following their walk, (and their talk) Tyrion and Varys stroll along Plaza de Santa María (or Santa María Square). This square is known for its high vaulted arches and the visible remains of Roman and Arab walls.

Peñíscola Portal Fosc
Portal Fosc
Plaza de Santa María (Santa María Square)

In the series, the square looks like it has been abandoned. But soon they realise its emptiness is because an attack is happening on the other side of Meereen.  

For a better view of this incident and to comprehend what is really going on, the two friends walk up the Paseo de Ronda, from where they are able to see the city on fire. From Paseo de Ronda, the real view you get is a wonderful sight of the port of Peñíscola, not a burning city, thankfully.

In another scene set in Meereen, Tyrion talks with Missandei and Grey Worm at the Parque de la Artillería (or Artillery Park). In other words, the gardens of Peñíscola Castle. It is a botanic garden full of palm trees, lavender, olive trees and native flora of this Mediterranean area of Spain

Parque de la Artillería (Artillery Park)