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LLANO DEL BÚHO (Tabernas Desert): New Zealand ranch & Carlos and Diana visit to Uluru.

The official trip Carlos and Diana made in 1983 to Australia and New Zealand as a wed couple is shown in one of the episodes of season four of The Crown

A rather intense tour that was Princess Diana’s first royal trip. In real life, the The Crown team didn’t travelled as far as they did and instead they choose Spain as the place to recreate these two sunny Oceanian countries.

One of the crew’s stops was the Tabernas Desert in Almería. Specifically, a natural area within this desert known as Llano del Búho. This barren landscape in the south of Spain became the filming spot for two different scenes in the show. 

One of them being the scene where the Prince and Princess of Wales attempted unsuccessfully to climb up the sacred Uluru. A large sandstone formation in the centre of Australia also known as Ayers Rock.

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The other sequence shot in this area of Almería was one recreating the Auckland ranch Charles and Diana stayed at with little William in New Zealand.

Do you want to admire the same views the actors of The Crown did while shooting these scenes? Join this horse riding tour through the Tabernas Desert!