Share with us any news, curious facts or experiences regarding your favourite films and TV shows.

If you are reading this, it means you are one of those people who spend more time recommending TV shows than talking about what they did over the weekend. One of those who when going on a trip, they try to convince all their friends to visit that lost village in the Scottish mountains just because it’s the iconic setting of the latest movie they’ve become obsessed with…

Great, you’re one of us!

You’re screenbie!

And nothing would make us happier than talking to you! Tell us about the latest news regarding the film you watched yesterday, that curious fact you’ve just found or all the details regarding that tour or experience related to your favourite TV show. 

Come on! Share your passion with us! And if you would like to publish something with us let us know and we will talk about it!


See you out there, exploring destinies from another worlds!