Community Manager for Series and Movies fans community

  • Double Degree in Advertising, PR and Marketing
  • Digital Communication Degree

If you are a fan-fiction: you love series and movies, you know everything about them: premieres, new seasons, directors, actors, filming locations, festivals, news… this is your job!
We want to create a great community of series and movies fans, creating creative content for social media and other media channels.
We would also like you to help us design and coordinate original events and activities for them.
At least two years of work experience, creating content for social networks, Instagram, Tik Tok….
If you have also organized activities, events… even better!
High level of English is required: Proficiency or equivalent.
If you speak other languages such as German or French, it would be perfect!

What do we offer you?

Be part of the screenbie startup from the beginning, the platform that connects fiction fans with filming locations and activities, events and experiences created around these fictions.

  • Flexible schedule
  • Telework
  • Very good working environment

Interested in?