Sibenik night tour. The streets of Braavos in ‘GOT’

Game of Thrones


We suggest you this night walking tour in Sibenik to explore its cobblestone streets while a guide unravels the mysteries of the city. Discover the GOT filming locations and other spots much less well known by the tourists. Do you dare to discover this town in a different light?

It’s a special pleasure to stroll through this Medieval city during the night, by narrow streets, which were not illuminated during the Middle Ages. The guest will feel the spirit of the Middle Ages in the dark streets of the city, which we will illuminate together with the lamps of that time. Arya walking in Braavos will easily come to your mind! Explore the tunnels and covered passages to where there was a “pillar of shame” in Sibenik. You will fall in love with this small coastal city and learn about all its medieval mysteries!