Girona ‘GOT’ tour (from Barcelona)
Girona Game of Thrones tour Barcelona Spain
Girona Game of Thrones tour Barcelona Spain

Game of Thrones


If you are staying in Barcelona, do not panic, luckily today’s transport infrastructure is quite different from what we see in Game of Thrones and you can easily get to Braavos with this day-tour!

The ancient city of Girona has secrets around every corner… but perhaps its best hidden gems are those that were used as filming locations for the Game of Thrones TV series! Follow your guide through the winding streets and discover the city’s historic Cathedral and Medieval quarters. You’ll learn more about where scenes from the show were filmed, and see some of Girona’s most iconic buildings. This guided GOT tour will take you from Barcelona to Girona (I mean Braavos) in an air-conditioned vehicle in the blink of an eye!