‘Braveheart’ castle & ‘The Da Vinci Code’ chapel (from Edinburgh)
Braveheart filming locations in Scotland. 20th Century Fox
Braveheart filming locations in Scotland. 20th Century Fox

Braveheart / The Da Vinci Code

UK - Scotland

With this day tour from Edinburgh, you can visit Rosslyn Chapel (a location from ‘The Da Vinci Code‘) and Stirling Castle (where William Wallace won one of his most important battles)!

The first stop on this tour will be Dunfermline Abbey, where the tomb of Robert the Bruce (the historic Scottish king who continued William Wallace’s fight to maintain Scotland’s independence) is located. From there, the tour continues to Stirling Castle and the Wallace Monument (note that entry fees are not included). The imposing castle witnessed some of Scotland’s most significant military feats, and the Wallace Monument is a nearby lookout tower erected in honor of the Scottish leader depicted in the movie ‘Braveheart that we are sure will leave you impressed!

As the grand finale of this tour through Scottish history… the mysteries of Rosslyn Chapel await! This chapel is an architectural masterpiece shrouded in mystery and symbolism, famous for its intricate stone carvings and association with the Knights Templar. In the book ‘The Da Vinci Code’, Dan Brown linked it to the Holy Grail, and in its film adaptation, it was one of the filming locations for the movie starring Tom Hanks. This tour is the perfect blend of Scottish history and cinematic locations!