Girona & surrounding area

BESALÚ (Girona): The World War II theme park.

In season three, one of the main androids in the show, Maeve, wakes up in a new park. This one hasn’t got all the desert dust we were used to nor cowboys wandering around. Instead, what we see are gigantic Nazi flags hanging from the balconies of a medieval town.

This “new” theme park, set in an Italian town during World War II, hasn’t have enough time on screen (we wanted more of that Nazis vs. androids plot) but you can actually visit it if you travel to Besalú, a town just half an hour away from the city of Girona.

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You won’t encounter any Nazis or androids walking in the streets (at least we hope so) but instead you’ll get to see medieval bridges, squares and buildings that will still take you to another time. 

It is no surprise, therefore, that Besalú was declared one of the best-preservedhistoric-artistic sites of Catalonia in 1996.

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